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Suzanne Marie Rannals

July 11, 1983 - Feb. 24, 2013

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Posted: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 12:00 am

Suzanne Marie Rannals was born in Bakersfield, California on July 11, 1983 and passed away on February 24, 2013 with her loved ones by her side. Suzy always had a smile on her face and had the ability to brighten the lives of those in her life and everyone she met along the way.

Suzy was dealt a difficult life, full of pain, heartache, and struggle; but she was always able to make the best of what she was given while maintaining a positive outlook. She made amazing friends throughout her life and in that regard, she was blessed and in return she truly blessed their lives. 

Suzy enjoyed many hobbies such as drawing, painting, clay modeling, making hair bows, sewing, quilting, attending concerts and dancing. One of Suzy’s passions was coaching the Kern Valley Youth Football Cheerleading Team. With Suzy’s assistance these cheerleaders won first place two years in a row at the local level, and recently the team was invited to compete in the national finals in Las Vegas against twelve other teams from around the country. Suzy enjoyed every minute of coaching and loved all of “her girls” very much. 

Suzy had a very special relationship with her mother Wendy and loved her with all her heart. She always looked forward to having her “mother-daughter” days. These days were one of Suzy’s greatest joys in life. Wendy was an incredible mother who gave unmeasurable and unconditional love and support to Suzy. Suzy also loved her “daddy-daughter” days and enjoyed going to concerts with her dad, Michael. Michael was always there for Suzy, and was so loving and caring to her. She loved her dad dearly. Michael has been a true blessing to Suzy and her family for this love, support, and friendship. Suzy held a special place in her heart for all of her family and friends. She grew up very close to her cousins Shawna, Gregory, and Hollie. Amber and Peyton were also very dear to her heart. She loved each and every family member with all her heart. All of Suzy’s friends, from childhood to adulthood (too many to list) were very important to her as well. Suzy also loved her cats Oz, Sassy and Penny very much.

Suzy was funny, loving, kind and so much more. She left the earth a better place for having lived here. She has left a positive imprint on the world, and will never be forgotten. 

The life we have here is short, so in Suzy’s memory smile, be happy, and enjoy life to it’s fullest. After all, that is how Suzy chose to live her life. 

Suzanne Marie Rannals is survived by her mother Wendy Rannals, dad Michael Robison, father Timothy Rannals. grandparents John and Joanne Dubel, Anita Rannals, and Judy Myers, sister Maryanne Rannals, brother Samuel Rannals,  aunts and uncles John Dubel Jr., Billy and Katy Dubel, Keith and Sandra Weser, Roxanne McMartin, Robert Dubel, Debra and Joe Yourish, Austin, Briann, and Silina, and Anita Poe, cousins John and Kelly Dubel, Timothy Dubel, Shawna and Anthony, Hollie McMartin, Gregory McMartin, Amber Dubel, Mike and Amy Mann, Autum, Kristy, William, and Vincent Dubel, Samantha and Casey Rannals, Gordon and Ana Little, and many, many more, great cousins Peyton Damigo. John Dubel IIII, Ashely Dubel and many, many more, and her pets Oz, Sassy and Penny.

Services will be held on March 9th, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. at the First Baptist Church 3701 Suhre St. Lake Isabella, Calif. 93240. A celebration of Suzy’s life and a potluck will follow at Foursquare Church 20 Panorama Dr., Wofford Heights, Calif. 93285. 

Suzy’s family asks that in lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the National Kidney Foundation in Suzanne Rannals name. www.kidney. org/support. 

On behalf of her legacy Suzanne Rannals was an organ donor. Her selfless generosity may improve the quality of life for as many as fifty people. In honor of Suzanne Rannals, the family asks that you consider becoming a donor; you may save lives.

Special Thanks :

Jenifer Plante Humphers and the coaches and participants of the Kern Valley Youth Football and Cheer Team: Thank you for the candle light vigil and your continued support. Suzy loved you all.

   Tiffany Rhiannon Robertson: Thank you for being one of Suzy’s best friends and for all the help you have done to honor her. We love you for that and Suzy loved you so much.

Rochelle Faulkner: Thank you for opening the account in Suzy’s name at Wells Fargo to honor her. You were one of her best friends and she loved you so much, thank you again.    Bridgette Felgenauer: We really don’t know how to thank you enough for putting the video together. Our family loves you so much for doing that. Thank you for being a great friend to Suzy and honoring her.

Anita Rannals: Thank you so much for being there for Suzy, she loved you so much. Thank you for all your help, we love you for that.               Also the family would like to thank all of the family and friends who have been there with us. Thank you so much for honoring Suzy.

I, Michael Robison, was first introduced to Suzanne in the summer of 1994, I had just started to date her mother. At first Suzy wasn't my biggest fan, by any stretch of the imagination. I could see her resentment of me for taking some of her time away from her and her mother. I, in turn, wasn't a big fan of having to deal with this 11 year old girly girl. She was nothing like her mother, who was an overgrown tomboy. Suzanne didn't like being dirty, much less enjoy the process of getting dirty. She was more about playing house, listening to pop music and drawing. Over the next six years we grew closer, so much, that she came to me and asked if she could start calling me DAD, rather then Michael. I was honored and told her as much.

Around this time she started to show an interest in the hard rock music I enjoyed and soon I took her to her first Heavy Metal concert. Since that first show, which she was a bit nervous about attending, my daughter became my concert buddy traveling with me up and down California to see various artists. She even became quite skilled at pushing her way to the very front barricade, something I don't do because I'm tall enough to see from the middle. After the show we'd meet up and she would be covered in sweat and grinning from ear to ear. I'd then get a big hug and a kiss and be informed that she had a great time and I was the coolest Daddy ever. What more does a man need then that?! Sometimes the directions from Map-quest were wrong and we'd get lost on the way home. Never on the way to the show but, often on the way home. We always laughed about it, plus we would end up in the craziest neighborhoods. This became a running joke for us.

Suzy was a kind and gentle soul. She preferred to looked for the good in any situation or individual. She always rose to the challenge before her and did it with an infectious smile on her face. We often laughed together about how our first year went. How we grew from being two people competing for her mothers time to being family to each other and going on our own trips without her mother. I never wanted children but, about a year ago I was reflecting on all of the things in my life I was thankful for, my daughter Suzanne Marie Rannals was top of the list. I laughed to myself how this small blond child who had resented me had became so prominent in my life. How we had grown into great friends, then into family. After all it was she that had adopted me. I'm going to feel hollow for a long time without My Little One. There will always be a void in my soul where she used to be, their is no doubt about that. But I will do my best to honor her spirit and love of life. I will push forward and remember the lessons I learned from her about forgiving others and holding no grudges, living life for all it's worth and to never forget to tell the ones that you love just how you feel about them. I was blessed to have had her in my life and will be eternally thankful for having know her. I am a better man because of her.